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Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

Hospital administration department

Regional Medical Cooperation Division

I am involved in referrals of patients from other facilities to our hospital.Medical collaboration is divided into forward collaboration (from other hospitals to our hospital) and backward collaboration (from our hospital to other hospitals).The work content can be roughly classified into (XNUMX) document management, (XNUMX) reception work, (XNUMX) statistical work, (XNUMX) information gathering for medical institutions, and (XNUMX) public relations activities.

Document management involves registering letters of referrals to our hospital, managing whether responses to referrals and medical information are being provided appropriately, and creating and sending simple reports to registered doctors.
Reception duties mainly consist of accepting medical appointments from registered doctors and responding to inquiries from medical institutions.We also run study groups for local medical professionals and conferences for specific purposes such as various diseases and medical fields.
We routinely calculate the referral rate and reverse referral rate, which are requirements for approval of regional medical support hospitals, and also perform statistical calculations related to collaboration as necessary.

In order to promote smooth medical cooperation, it is a prerequisite to grasp more accurate information of medical institutions.For the purpose of sharing information within the hospital, information on local medical institutions is collected and compiled into a database, which is provided in various forms.Since the information on the facility changes daily, it is required to perform maintenance without neglecting it.In addition, we are working to improve the accuracy of information by conducting visits, and to improve our operations by directly asking for requests and opinions.

As for other public relations activities, at the end of each month, we send out information on outpatient clinic closures for the next month, information on doctors leaving and arriving, information on conferences, and various public relations magazines.

Main work content

  1. Document management
    Registration of referral patients, return letters, progress management of medical information provision forms, simple reports to registered doctors
  2. Reception work
    Reception of FAX medical appointments, creation and revision of user manuals, reception of joint medical examinations, consultation
    management of various meetings (conferences, regional medical support hospital council committee, pediatric care)
    emergency social gatherings, breast cancer networks, etc.), and coordination with other medical institutions
  3. Statistics work
    Referral rate/reverse referral rate, etc.
  4. Information gathering activities of medical institutions
    Maintenance of collaborative medical institution information search system, visit activities (providing and collecting information)
  5. PR activities
    For registered doctors (creation of collaborative public relations magazine, sending materials), for patients (registered doctor map, hospital public relations magazine) Provision of information on cooperative medical institutions to in-hospital doctors

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