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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Department of Pathology

Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Kazunori Kikuchispecialized manager
Head of medical department
Department of Pathology1993Japanese Society of Pathology Pathology Specialist/Training Doctor
Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology Cytology Specialist/Educational Training Instructor
Japanese Society of Clinical Laboratory Medicine Specialist in Laboratory Medicine
Japanese Society of Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Atsushi UchidaChief doctorDepartment of Pathology2004Japanese Society of Pathology Pathology Specialist/Training Doctor
Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology Cytology Specialist/Educational Training Instructor
Masayoshi OzawaChief doctorDepartment of Pathology2008Japanese Society of Pathology Pathology Specialist/Training Doctor
Forensic doctor certified by the Japanese Society of Forensic Medicine
3 or more

Efforts of the Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology handles a wide variety of specimens sent from various departments, such as regional cancer centers, critical care centers, and medical examination centers, and conducts pathological diagnoses.

The content of the work is to determine the properties of the lesion, especially whether it is malignant (cancer) or not, and in the case of malignant The extent and extent of its progression are histologically determined using a microscope.In addition, rapid intraoperative examinations for intraoperative pathological diagnosis are useful for determining treatment policies such as reduction or expansion of the surgical scope.With your consent, we provide valuable information about disease through pathological autopsies on your body.

In addition, we have opened a pathology outpatient clinic (for specimens from our hospital) and a second opinion outpatient clinic (for specimens from external medical institutions), where pathologists will directly explain the content of pathological diagnosis if requested by the patient. provides the opportunity to do so.

A word to patients

We pathologists are as deeply involved in diagnosing and treating disease as attending physicians.
Although there are few opportunities for direct contact with patients, if you have any questions about the content of the pathological examination, please do not hesitate to contact us, even through the doctor in charge.

Medical Statistics (2021)

Number of samples

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  2022 2021
Histology Total 5,255 5,115
Biopsy material (number of organs) 3,198 3,227
Surgical materials (number of organs) 1,866 1,726
Rapid diagnosis 191 162
Total number of cytological examinations 13,513 13,856
Health checkup center gynecology 8,878 9,344
lung cancer screening 425 438
In-hospital cytology 4,210 4,074
Pathological anatomy 8 8
Forensic Autopsy (Consent + Justice + Investigation) 95 83

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