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Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

Introduction of each part


Doctor introduction

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Title, etc.Specialized fieldGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Shotaro ShimaHead of medical departmentbreast disease2009,Japan Breast Cancer Society breast cancer certified doctor/specialist/supervisor
日本 科学学体学乐 咖啡専門医
Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy Certified Cancer Therapy Physician
Japan Breast Cancer Screening Quality Control Center Mammography Examination Interpreter
Japan Breast Cancer Screening Quality Control Organization Central Organization for Breast Cancer Screening
Takeshi Hamaoka2020,
Isamu MorishimaPart-time jobDiagnosis and treatment of breast cancer1989,Japanese Breast Cancer Society Breast Specialist/Preceptor
Japanese Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine Specialist / Preceptor
日本 科学学体学乐 咖啡専門医
Japan Breast Cancer Screening Accuracy Control Organization
mammography screening doctor
Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy Certified Cancer Therapy Physician
Kyoko DogoPart-time jobBreast reconstruction1996,日本方法科学学乐学习方法科学储作医
Kayoko Koshikawa
(Medical Examination Center)
head of departmentbreast cancer screening
breast cancer diagnosis
1996,Japanese Breast Cancer Society Certified Physician
Japan Breast Cancer Screening Accuracy Control Organization
 Japanese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine Specialist
Japan Breast Cancer Screening Accuracy Management Center Mammography Screening Doctor
Japanese Society of General Health Checkup Medical Examination Specialist
Total 5 people

Efforts of mammary department

Breast cancer treatment is progressing day by day, and new findings are being obtained more and more.The basic concept of breast cancer treatment is to combine systemic therapy (chemotherapeutic agents, hormone therapy agents, molecular-targeted drugs, etc.) and local therapy (surgery, radiation).

The contents of medical treatment include diagnosis of mammary gland diseases (breast lumps, pain, abnormal nipple discharge, detailed examination of breast examination, etc.), and treatment of breast cancer.For breast cancer, we will strive to practice and provide reliable and reliable medical care in the form of more specialized specialized medical care.In addition, we would like to work with the doctors of the medical association to develop breast disease medical care in the region through cooperation between hospitals and clinics.

A word to patients

We strive to provide relief and satisfaction to all people suffering from mammary gland diseases.On the day of the consultation, if necessary, ultrasound examinations, mammography, etc. will be performed, and the results of the examination will be explained on the spot.Treatment of breast cancer is based on multidisciplinary treatment that combines surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and molecular target therapy.In surgery, we perform primary reconstruction using tissue expanders (expanders) and primary reconstruction using implants.Ultimately, after comprehensively judging the medical condition, we consult with the patient and select the best method.

Medical Statistics (2022)

outpatient statistics

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2022, 2021,
Total number 5,823 5,934
First visit 223 246
Revisit 5,600 5,688

breast ultrasound

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2022, 2021,
Total number 830 857

hospitalization statistics

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2022, 2021,
Early Breast Cancer Treatment 113 109
手術 113 109
Drug therapy (including symptomatic therapy) 0 0
Breast cancer recurrence treatment (including surgery) 18 18
Breast benign tumor surgery 5 10
plastic surgery 10 6
Others 0 0
meter 146 143

surgery statistics

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2022, 2021,
Mammary gland malignant tumor surgery 143 119
 Initial treatment 143 118
lumpectomy 56 (0) 58 (1)
Mastectomy (TE insertion, SBI insertion, LD) 71 (0,0,0) 40 (0,0,0)
Nipple-sparing mastectomy (TE insertion) 4 (2,0,2) 9 (5,0,1)
Skin-sparing mastectomy (TE insertion) 1 (1,0,0) 4 (1,0,0)
Sentinel lymph node biopsy only 6 5
Additional partial resection 2 1
Additional total resection 1 0
Additional skin excision 2 1
recurrence treatment 0 1
Local recurrence resection 0 1
formation related 8 14
Nipple reconstruction/formation 2 1
TE insertion 0 3
SBI insertion 1 7
TE removal 1 1
SBI removal 3 0
SBI replacement 0 0
LD reconstruction 1 1
subareolar tumor 0 1
breast reduction surgery 0 0
Breast benign tumor surgery 12 7
tumorectomy 12 7
Others 4 2
Axillary lymph node biopsy, skin tumor 1,0,3 2,0,0
meter 167 142

Cases on both sides are counted on the left and right respectively, ( ) is the number inside
TE: Expander SBI: Implant LD: Latissimus dorsi flap
LI-CAP: lateral intercostal artery perforator flap

5-year survival rate (as of December 2021, 12)

Figure 1

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