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Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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Hospital administration department

Medical Information Management Division

The Medical Information Management Division has a mission to support the improvement of medical quality and safety management.
Specifically, among the large amount of medical information, we mainly manage medical information for hospitalization and outpatient deaths, and our work is divided into (XNUMX) medical information management and (XNUMX) medical record management.

There are five main types of information management for medical information management, and seven medical information managers certified by the Japan Hospital Association are in charge of processing, analyzing, and editing data and information to create medical statistics, various materials, clinical indicators, etc. that can be used. We support medical safety management, quality improvement, and hospital business management.

Main work content

  • Management of medical history, current medical history, outpatient visit information, and discharge summary information summarizing medical care from admission to discharge, and disease coding
  • Information management of outpatient deaths such as cardiopulmonary arrest cases (CPA) handled at the critical care center
  • Information management of "in-hospital cancer registration" compulsory for regional cancer care cooperation base hospitals and "national cancer registry" compulsory for all hospitals
  • NCD registration (surgical operation/treatment information database project)
  • Registration of injury information of AIS3 or higher (Japanese Association for Acute Medicine)
  • Extraction and analysis of clinical indicators (Japan Hospital Association QI Project)
  • Provision of medical information to in-hospital staff (extraction, creation, provision)

In addition, as for medical record management, all members of the department are responsible for document management and auditing of medical records, and three clerical staff are responsible for scanning and managing paper medical records.

There are 21 medical information managers as information specialists in the administrative department (8 people from the medical outpatient department, 5 people from the medical hospital admission department, 1 person from the regional medical cooperation department, and 7 people from this department), 6 people from the general affairs department, medical examination Four people are assigned to the center, and it is structured with a view to comprehensive medical information management in the future.

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