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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Nursing Care and Medical Support Department

Nursing Care and Medical Support Department


  • Helping patients live comfortably in hospital.
  • In order to increase the therapeutic effect of patients, we will assist in medical examinations, examinations, and manage medical equipment.
  • We help our clients live comfortably in their own homes.


Patients and their families must be feeling great anxiety about examinations, treatment, and hospitalization.
The role of the Nursing Care and Medical Support Department is to respect the individuality and rights of these people, stand by them and support them so that they can receive treatment in a safer manner.
For that reason, we are putting effort into our education system so that we can acquire not only the necessary knowledge and skills, but also the ability to notice and think for ourselves.
In every department, we value hospitality and would like to strive to make everyone feel at ease.

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General Manager Kyoko Ishihama

Based on this philosophy, the Nursing Care and Medical Support Department works as a member of the team medical care, collaborating with nurses and other professionals.
It consists of a hospital nursing care section and a medical support section, and each section is staffed.
* Within the corporation, staff are also assigned to the home care business.

The Hospital Care Division staffs general wards, excluding intensive care (ICU).

We provide assistance in daily life (eating, excretion, cleanliness), transportation for examinations, rehabilitation, etc.
In addition, in fiscal 2011, in order to strengthen cooperation with the nursing department, we have assigned "ward assistants" (support for counter work, answering telephones, etc.) and are doing their work.

The Medical Support Division consists of an outpatient department, a central supply room, and a surgery support group.

In the outpatient clinic, we provide assistance and assistance for medical examinations and examinations in cooperation with nurses and other occupations.
In the central supply room, instruments and materials used in hospital wards, outpatient clinics, and operating rooms are collected, washed, disinfected, and sterilized before being supplied.
The Surgery Support Group carries out replenishment of supplies and clerical work to ensure smooth operations in the operating room.

Nursing Care and Medical Support Department Organization Chart

(As of 2023 year 4 month)

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*We cannot answer questions about medical treatment.

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