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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Norihiko Terada Infectious diseases in general2013日本 英语学习 全部学院储作医
Physician certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Hiromichi SuzukiPart-time jobInfectious diseases in general2003Japanese Society of Internal Medicine General Medicine Specialist / Preceptor
Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases Infectious Disease Specialist/Preceptor
Japanese Society of Chemotherapy Antibacterial chemotherapy certified doctor / preceptor
Japanese Society of Clinical Laboratory Medicine Specialist in Laboratory Medicine
Japanese Society of Chemotherapy Recommended ICD System Council
Infection control doctor
Japanese Society of Clinical Microbiology Councilor
Japanese Association of Travel Medicine Certified Medical Professional
Yoshihiko KiyasuPart-time jobInfectious diseases in general2006日本 英语学习 全部学院储作医
Physician certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Infection control doctor
Yusaku AkashiPart-time jobInfectious diseases in general
internal medicine
2009Physician certified by the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Japanese Association for Acute Medicine Emergency Medicine Specialist
International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM)
Certificate in Travel Health
Total 4 people

We do not go out to the general public.

Efforts of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine

Our department was established as a medical support for complicated clinical examinations.
Although we do not have direct contact with patients during inpatient and outpatient care, we respond to consultations regarding specimen testing from each clinical department, conduct routine tests appropriately, and ensure that each clinical department can appropriately determine test results. We strive for quality control on a daily basis.
In addition, we constantly monitor test results in the hospital, grasp panic levels, emergency test results, etc. and report them to the clinical department.
We have established a support system to provide safe medical care based on accurate and prompt test results.

Inquiries to Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital

*We cannot answer questions about medical treatment.

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Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital is a Japanese medical function evaluation certified hospital.

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