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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Introduction of each part

Palliative medicine department

Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Takayuki HisanagaHead of medical department
Palliative Care Center Chairman
Palliative medicine2000Japanese Society of Palliative Medicine Director/Delegate/Palliative Medicine Specialist/Instructor
Japanese Society of Internal Medicine General Medicine Specialist / Preceptor
Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy Certified Cancer Therapy Physician
Ritsuko YabukiChief doctorPalliative medicine2002Japanese Society of Palliative Medicine Palliative Medicine Specialist/Instructor
Japanese Board of Cancer Therapy Certified Cancer Therapy Physician
Yumi HiroseGeneral medical care2003Japan Primary Care Association Certified Family Medicine Specialist / Preceptor
Sayuri Suzuki2016
Satoko Tamaru  2017Japan Medical Specialist Organization Internal Medicine Specialist
Japanese Society of General Hospital Medicine Hospital General Practitioner
Yuuki Tomoe2019
Michiko Wada 2021 
Total 7 people

Efforts of the Department of Palliative Medicine

In the Palliative Medicine Department, we aim to provide holistic care that supports patients' daily lives by providing medical care aimed at relieving pain.At our hospital, the Department of Palliative Medicine is engaged in the operation of the palliative care ward, the activities of the palliative care support team, outpatient care, and support for home care.

We aim to further enhance the palliative care ward, which was first approved in Ibaraki Prefecture.Furthermore, in addition to doctors at hospitals who have patients who are eligible for palliative care, we will work closely with doctors at local clinics and nurses who provide home-visit nursing care to help cancer patients receive home care. We will work to create a system that can be sent with peace of mind.

In addition, we aim to realize community-based palliative care so that patients and their families can lead a better recuperative life.

Palliative Care Center

In July 2017, our hospital opened a palliative care center in order to establish a system to provide palliative care more smoothly.The palliative care center is an in-hospital base that oversees palliative care such as the palliative care support team, palliative care outpatient department, palliative care ward, and home care unit. to help them receive appropriate palliative care.
Find out more about Palliative Care Centers here.

Guidance of palliative care center

Approach No. 65 (published October 2017)

Doctor's relay lecture "We opened a palliative care center"PDF, so please take a look at that as well.

A word to patients

I think that the burden on the body and mind is great just by having a disease called cancer.Although cancer has become curable, the burden of treatment is heavy, and recurrence and metastasis can occur.In addition, depending on the condition, you may experience painful symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, nausea, and fatigue.

Palliative care begins with frank consultation with cancer patients regarding their difficulties in leading a recuperative life.When you visit the hospital, please consult with the "Patient Family Counseling Support Center" first.We also accept inquiries by phone.Outpatient clinics are available Monday through Friday afternoons.

Please take a look at the palliative medicine department Facebook too!

We are sending out the initiative in the palliative care ward and the announcement from the palliative medicine department.
Taiyo Bussan Co., Ltd.

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Internal Medicine Professional Training Program

The Department of Palliative Medicine accepts trainees, including late trainees.
Please check here for details.

About palliative medicine training

Medical Statistics (2022)

PCU (palliative care ward) operating status

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  2022 2021
Number of beds in operation (beds) 20 20
Number of inpatients (persons) 318 339
Appointment hospitalization 77 61
Transfer from another hospital 22 21
Emergency hospitalization 149 165
Transfer 92 113
Number of discharged patients (persons) 317 332
death discharge 180 199
Home/facility discharge 135 128
Hospital transfer 2 5
Moved out (people) 5 8
Home transition rate (%) 46.6 39.8
Average bed occupancy rate (%) 83.2 87.8
Average length of stay (days) 19.4 19.2

Results of palliative care support team

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  2022 2021
number 271 246
Number of cancer cases 244 218
Non-cancer cases 27 28

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