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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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Corporate overview

Greetings from the representative director

Tsukuba Medical Center walks with the community

Tsukuba Medical Center will celebrate its 2022th anniversary in 40.Looking back on the history of this corporation, it began with the establishment of the Tsukuba Medical Center in May 1982, the opening of the Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital in February 5, and the establishment of the Tsukuba General Health Center in March 1985. Diagnosis Center” was established, and at the same time, the “Home Care Business” was also launched.

Currently, we are operating the "Tsukuba Autopsy Center" and the "Ibaraki Prefecture Tachikuba Nursing College" as commissioned projects from Ibaraki Prefecture.

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Aiming to become a professional who supports health

Looking back on the history of the corporation, we have made it our number one mission to support the health of many people in the region.Health is not simply the absence of illness or physical fitness. “Being healthy” means being in a state of harmony in body, mind, and social aspects.In other words, it can be said that since our foundation, we have devoted ourselves to "preserving and improving the health" of many people in the region.We have also placed importance on supporting the health promotion of local people as a “professional”.We believe that a professional is not just a professional, but a person who can think and make decisions on their own, take responsibility for those decisions, explain them, and put them into practice, regardless of the environment.We would like to continue to develop such human resources and contribute to the local community.

Evolving without fear of change

Japan has entered a depopulation society, and the total population continues to decrease.The reason for this is the increasing number of deaths among the elderly due to the declining birthrate and the advent of a super-aging society.Furthermore, in recent years, severe climate change and climate crisis have occurred, and natural disasters such as earthquakes occur almost every year.In addition, the global epidemic (pandemic) of the new coronavirus infection began in 2020, causing enormous damage in various regions.Due to these social and environmental changes and destabilization, the roles required of health and medical care are rapidly changing.With a firm grasp of these things, we will continue to evolve our business and organization without fear of change.

Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital will play its role as a core medical institution in the region by focusing on disaster medical care and infectious disease medical care in addition to emergency medical care and cancer medical care.The Tsukuba General Health Checkup Center will focus on not only secondary prevention (early detection and early treatment), but also primary prevention (improvement of lifestyle habits and living environment), and will strive to further expand its services.Under the comprehensive community care system, the home care business plays a central role in the promotion of home medical care and long-term care collaboration, and responds to the increasing demand for home medical care.

We would like to thank the local community for their continued support of our company.

Tsukuba Medical Center Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
April 2022 Representative Director Yasuo Shima