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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Greetings from the Director of Nursing

I would like to experience the charm and joy of nursing together.

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I think it is not easy to continue to practice the best nursing that you can do as a nurse.If the position changes, the practice of nursing will also change.
Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital has a system that supports the career design of each nurse according to their growth, based on the steps of newcomer, independent, mid-career, supervisor, and manager.We also focus on training certified nurses, specialist nurses, practitioners of specific actions, and certified nursing managers.
In addition, since it is a job to witness various stages of life, we want to value the life of each nurse, so we have created an environment that allows you to balance life and work (life-work balance).

I often hear from nurses at our hospital that they want to do the kind of nursing that they want to do.I sometimes ask myself what the meaning of "nursing that I want to do" is.
My mission as a nurse is to respect the wishes of patients and their families facing illness or injury, and to support patients so that they can lead to better physical and mental conditions. I hope that "nursing that I want to do" is "nursing that respects the other person's intention and is suitable for that person".

It can be hard at times.I hope that we can overcome this difficulty and realize together that there is an irresistible charm and joy in nursing.

Nursing Manager Kumi Tanaka

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