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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

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Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Masanari ShiigaiHead of medical department 2000Japanese Radiological Society
Azusa WatanabeChief doctor 2004Japanese Radiological Society
Takahiro FurnishiChief doctor 2009Japanese Radiological Society
Japanese Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine Certified Ultrasound Specialist/Instructor
Japanese Society of Interventional Radiology IVR Specialist/Instructor
First Class Radiation Protection Supervisor Certificate
Abdominal stent graft instructor
Japanese Society of Neuroendovascular Therapy Specialist
3 people

Radiology initiatives

  • We provide radiography instruction, image interpretation, and education for trainees regarding diagnostic imaging such as CT, MRI, ultrasonography, and gastrointestinal imaging.In addition, as a regional medical support hospital, we carry out requested tests from hospitals other than our hospital.
  • We perform treatment using angiography (= Interventional radiology; IVR = embolization for pelvic fractures, etc.).
  • There are many CTs and MRIs using contrast agents, and we are always conscious of patient safety and risk management when performing radiological treatment.

To local teachers

  • If the letter of introduction is handwritten, it may be difficult to read.This may result in an inadequate examination or an image of a different part than requested, so please write in easy-to-read characters.
  • When requesting contrast-enhanced CT or contrast-enhanced MRI, please include the following items in the referral letter.
    1. Serum creatinine levels within 3 months: To prevent contrast nephropathy, patients with serum creatinine levels ≥1.2 mg/dL did not receive contrast media.
    2. History of contrast agent side effects (yes, no, unknown)
    3. Presence of asthma and other allergies: Especially for asthma, both iodine contrast media for CT and gadolinium contrast media for MRI are contraindicated in principle. .
  • Patients taking oral metformin preparations for diabetes should stop taking metformin preparations for 48 hours before and 48 hours after administration of iodinated contrast media for CT.
  • Even if contrast enhancement is requested, it may not be performed at the discretion of the radiologist.
  • For outpatients scheduled to undergo contrast-enhanced CT and contrast-enhanced MRI appointments, we provide an explanation sheet, a questionnaire, and a consent form regarding the administration of contrast agents.
  • If you have any questions about the report, please contact our department.

Medical Statistics (2022)

Number of readings

* Side-scrolling is possible

  2022 2021
CT 20,157 20,466
MRI 6,726 7,317
Ultrasound 1,393 1,454
Nuclear medicine 302 343
IVR/angiography 100 88
Gastrointestinal angiography 59 46
Full inspection 28,737 29,714

Inquiries to Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital

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