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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Department of Rehabilitation

Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Ikuo AidaVice-presidentSpine surgery1986日本发形科学学习发形科学储作医
Spine and Spinal Cord Surgery Supervisor
The Japanese Orthopedic Association Spine and spinal cord specialist
Hisako Saitospecialized manager
Head of medical department
Child psychology and development1987Japanese Society of Pediatrics Specialist
Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Pediatrics
Children's psychologist
Japanese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine Certified Clinician
Total 2 people

Efforts of the Rehabilitation Department

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, in collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation Therapy, Department of Clinical Technology, provides rehabilitation for inpatients of our hospital.

From my standpoint as a doctor, I focus on the following two points when involved in rehabilitation.
1.Medical evaluation and management of the patient's general condition
2.Determining the direction of rehabilitation

1.Regarding the patient's disease type, severity, test results, the status of treatment by the attending physician group, and comprehensively taking into consideration the current general condition of the patient, we will determine whether or not rehabilitation is possible. In consultation with the group of attending physicians, we will decide how far we can go, and discuss with the therapist in charge.

2.As for , we evaluate the quality and quantity of the disability while considering the patient's social background, etc., and decide the direction of rehabilitation in consultation with the therapist in charge.

Rehabilitation at our hospital, which is an emergency hospital, is acute phase rehabilitation, and there are many cases where the training involves the risk of an unstable general condition.In the unlikely event that an unexpected situation such as a sudden change occurs during training, we believe that it is also our role to respond first.

Although we are a small group of two doctors, we are working with many people to provide as much meaningful rehabilitation as possible.

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