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Medical information

About emergency outpatient

About emergency outpatient visits

If you would like to see an emergency outpatient,contact the hospital in advanceplease do.



Please let us know that you are visiting the emergency department and the following:

  • Name, age, gender, date of birth, patient registration number (if you have one)
  • The person in charge of the emergency outpatient department will check the symptoms and respond.
  • Depending on the severity of the patient, the order of examination may be changed.

What to bring

  • My number card (Myna insurance card) or health insurance card
    [Using the high-cost medical treatment fee system] If you receive a medical examination using your My Number card, you do not need a "ceiling amount application certificate"
  • Medical card (if you have one)
  • Medicine notebook (for those who have it)

About selected medical expenses

In the emergency outpatient department, in order to give top priority to critically ill emergency patients, we have introduced "selective medical expenses" for patients who do not require hospitalization.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
[Important Notice] Changes to Selected Medical Expenses (from October 2023, 10)

* Side-scrolling is possible

Types Target Selected medical expenses
First visit When visiting our hospital without a letter of introduction 11,000 Yen
*From October 2023, 10, the selected medical expenses have changed.
at re-examination Even if the doctor in charge of our hospital makes a referral to another medical institution,
If the patient wishes to continue to visit our hospital
5,500 Yen
*From October 2023, 10, the selected medical expenses have changed.

*Even if you are visiting our hospital, if you wish to see another department without a letter of introduction, you will be required to pay the selected medical expenses.

Emergency reception

If you are visiting the emergency outpatient department, please come to the emergency reception.
Please be aware of the following points when visiting the emergency outpatient department.

  • If a critically ill patient is transported by ambulance, priority will be given to the critically ill patient, so the order of examination may be delayed and you may have to wait.
  • Since we give top priority to critically ill patients, we may not be able to see you even if you visit us directly.
  • If you have an illness that does not require an emergency medical examination, please visit us during normal consultation hours.
  • Since the doctor on duty sees the patient, the doctor may not be a specialist.This is an emergency medical examination only.
  • If we determine that you have a symptom that cannot be treated at our hospital, we may refer you to another hospital for examination.

emergency outpatient care

  1. After the reception, the nurse will judge the degree of urgency (triage)
  2. We will examine patients in order of severity
    *Even if you are transported by ambulance, if the degree of urgency is determined to be low, the examination will be delayed.
  3. For patients with a high degree of urgency, doctors from the emergency department and each specialized department are in charge.
    Non-urgent patients will be treated by the on-duty doctor of the day
  4. Tests for illnesses and injuries that require immediate treatment
    If you do not need immediate treatment even if you have symptoms, we will not perform the test.
    You will have to visit the general outpatient department again on weekdays.


  • Even if there is no abnormality in the emergency outpatient examination, a serious illness may be hidden, so if symptoms persist, please see a general outpatient on weekdays.
  • As a result of the examination performed at the emergency outpatient department, abnormalities may be revealed at a later date, and the doctor in charge may contact you, so please inform the emergency reception desk of your emergency contact information.
  • Since our hospital accepts tours and practical training for students and paramedics, we may participate in medical treatment, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

About pediatrics

The pediatrics department provides pediatric tertiary emergency medical care 365 hours a day, 24 days a year, on holidays and at night.
"Practitioners (members of Tsukuba City Medical Association and Makabe Medical Association)" are in charge of part of emergency medical care on holidays and at night.

Inquiries to Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital

*We cannot answer questions about medical treatment.

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Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital is a Japanese medical function evaluation certified hospital.

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