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Introduction of each part

Specialized Nurse, Certified Nurse, Certified Nursing Manager

Nurses are positioned as specialists who practice "support for recuperative life of patients and users" in health, welfare, and medical care, and they practice their duties on a daily basis.However, society's demand for nurses requires a higher degree of specialization, and specialized nurses and certified nurses have emerged to meet that need.The role of both in our organization is to support the practice, education, and coordination of staff who are responsible for daily nursing practice so that they can provide high quality nursing services.

We hope to be of use not only to staff, but also to patients, their families, students, and all other people who use our organization.

Nursing Manager Kumi Tanaka

Professional nurse

Certified Nursing Administrator

Certified nurse

3 nurses specializing in geriatric nursing

  • Kumi Tanaka
  • Chieri Ishii
  • Yoshimi Kinuhari

About half of all patients admitted to our hospital are elderly, and half of them are elderly.
In order for the elderly who have been hospitalized to become accustomed to the unfamiliar hospital environment as soon as possible, we provide nursing care while consulting with the staff so that they can reduce their physical discomfort and pain.In addition, we strive to create an environment where dementia patients and their families can spend time with peace of mind and receive appropriate medical care.

XNUMX Psychiatric Nursing Nurse

  • Miwako Kino

By applying the knowledge and skills of psychiatric nursing to general physical nursing, we support the provision of mental care from a more specialized perspective.Liaison has the meaning of "connecting and bridging", and we are working together with psychiatrists and clinical psychologists to form a psychiatric liaison team.
In addition, we receive consultations on mental health support for nurses and ethical issues that arise in clinical settings, and discuss them with nurses in the field.

XNUMX nurses specializing in cancer nursing

  • Kakuniko Nakatsuji
  • Junko Fukumoto

We will provide the best care to cancer patients and their families together with everyone on the front lines so that they can live their own lives even if they have cancer. .

Chronic disease nursing specialist nurse 1 person

  • Miki Kobayashi

We support chronic disease patients with lifestyle-related diseases and incurable diseases so that they can live with their illnesses by thinking about their own disease management and treatment during long-term medical treatment. Chronic disease nursing also requires long-term support. For this reason, we would like to work with the local community to support chronic disease patients and their families.

7 certified nursing managers

  • Kumi Tanaka
  • Hazuki Watanabe
  • Hitomi Hirane
  • Keiko Mitsuhata
  • Kazuyo Magara
  • Tomoko Tachizawa

In order to provide higher quality services to patients, families, and local residents, we clarify the issues of the nursing department, cooperate with various professions, and work to improve the nursing service delivery system.We are also working to improve the quality of medical care and nursing in the entire region, such as by promoting cooperation between regional organizations.

XNUMX emergency nursing certified nurses

  • Fumiaki Otsuka
  • Yachiyo Matsuzaki
  • Shigenori Iizuka
  • Yuka Konosu

Our hospital, which has a critical care center, receives a wide variety of patients, from mild to severe.Therefore, we identify patients with a high degree of urgency and serious injury, coordinate with other occupations inside and outside the hospital so that they can receive medical treatment at the appropriate facility at the appropriate time, and work to ensure smooth team medical care. increase.
We provide physical and mental support for patients and their families immediately after the onset of illness or injury, looking ahead to life after discharge, so that patients who suddenly develop illness or injury can return to their normal daily lives as soon as possible.

Skin and continence care certified nurse XNUMX person

  • Saori Onoda

The field of skin and excretion care is broadly divided into three areas: (3) care for pressure ulcers (bedsores) and wounds, (1) care for stomas such as colostomy, and (2) care for incontinence.Currently, as a full-time pressure ulcer nurse, I go around the wards every day, cooperate with the nurses in charge of pressure ulcers in each ward, receive patient care practices and consultations, and provide care in collaboration with other occupations. is adjusted toWe also provide stoma outpatient services, and provide consultations so that patients and their families can spend their time comfortably at home.

XNUMX intensive care certified nurse

  • Masami Yabuki

For patients who need intensive care, we provide support for early recovery with the goal of avoiding aggravation.In particular, we think about care that focuses on QOL at the time of discharge from an early stage, constantly raise issues, and practice the best care for patients with our staff.In addition, while paying attention to changes in the family's feelings, we will work earnestly to pursue care with enhanced expertise while enhancing multidisciplinary and team medical care.

3 palliative care certified nurses

  • Miki Kobayashi
  • Satoko Suda
  • Yasuhiro Fukuoka

We think together with patients, families, and staff, and practice daily care, such as what to do so that patients with various pains can live "the way they are."In addition, through clinical learning and experience, we are also working on staff education with the aim of disseminating palliative care and improving the quality of nursing.In addition to terminal cancer patients, we currently provide care for non-cancer terminal patients and those who need symptom relief, so that users and their families can live a recuperative life at home with peace of mind. I am trying my best to get it.

Cancer chemotherapy nursing certified nurse XNUMX person

  • Atsuko Ida

There are various side effects caused by cancer chemotherapy, but in order for the patient to be able to continue treatment with peace of mind and comfort, we work together to think about side effects measures that suit each patient and try to live while controlling the symptoms. I'm here.In addition, in order to ensure that cancer chemotherapy can be performed safely and comfortably, whether inpatient or outpatient, we are working on holding study sessions and creating systems in response to consultations from staff.

2 infection control certified nurses

  • Hiroshi Yokokawa
  • Manami Sekiguchi

Infection control within the hospital is carried out in cooperation with the infection control team consisting of infection control doctors, infection control certified pharmacists, and clinical laboratory technologists, and the members of the infection control practice group consisting of representatives from each department. Preventive measures are taken to prevent the spread of infection within the hospital.I would like to cooperate with many staff to provide safe and secure medical care.

Eating and swallowing disorder nursing certified nurse 1 person

  • Taeko Ishibashi

In order to respect the pleasure of eating and the desire to eat by mouth, patients who find it difficult to eat will be able to adjust their diet and eating habits based on the patient's lifestyle.In order to ensure that patients can take a bite safely, multi-professionals work as an eating/swallowing team after understanding their specialties according to the patient's health condition and social situation.I would like to cooperate by expanding information sharing and cooperation so that even if I move to my home or a local facility or hospital, I can continue to be in a better condition for eating.

Pediatric Emergency Nursing Certified Nurse XNUMX person

  • Naomi Kouda

We would like to be close to children and their families who are undergoing medical examinations and hospitalizations with various problems, and always consider "the best care for children" as the first priority.It is difficult for children to express their pain and symptoms on their own, and their characteristics differ depending on their growth and developmental stages.In order to ensure that children can live with peace of mind after returning to their homes, we collaborate and collaborate with a wide range of professions related to children, and respond to consultations on concerns and worries about growth and development in addition to health problems that children have.We strive to improve our specialized knowledge and skills so that we can always rely on them when children and families are in trouble.

XNUMX Chronic Respiratory Disease Nursing Certified Nurses

  • Yukie Saito
  • Satomi Sumida
  • Minori Sumimoto

Nursing from the acute stage to the terminal stage of patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial pneumonia, and asthma is targeted.One of our roles is to help patients manage their illnesses and symptoms so that they can live their best lives.
We naturally “breathe” without being conscious of anything.However, patients with respiratory disorders require effort to breathe.We are working to be a supporter so that the patient's life can be as peaceful as possible, even with the disease.

Diabetes Nursing Certified Nurse 1 person

  • Taki Yoshida

As the number of diabetic patients continues to increase, it is not uncommon for people living with diabetes to be hospitalized or outpatient.Controlling diabetes may affect the treatment and course of the underlying disease.I would like to support patients with diabetes so that they can safely undergo treatment and live life as they please.

Cancer Radiotherapy Nursing Certified Nurse 1 person

  • Ayaka Koizumi

We will provide prompt and courteous care and nursing so that you can receive radiation therapy safely and comfortably.We will work together with the staff so that patients and their families can feel that they are glad that they received radiation therapy at our hospital.

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