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Diabetes/Endocrinology and Internal Medicine

Doctor introduction

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 Title, etc.ExpertiseGraduation yearQualifications/Licenses
Atsushi FujiwaraHead of medical departmentDiabetes/endocrine disease1998Japan Diabetes Society specialist
Japan Endocrine Society Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolism (internal medicine)
Japan Diabetes Society Specialist Training Instructor
Endocrine metabolism/diabetes internal medicine training instructor

Efforts of Diabetes and Endocrinology and Metabolism

Our department diagnoses and treats metabolic and endocrine diseases such as diabetes.

According to the 28 “National Health and Nutrition Survey” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 12.1% of “those strongly suspected of having diabetes” and 12.1% of “those who cannot deny the possibility of having diabetes” Although it is a common disease, it is often neglected because there are times when subjective symptoms are scarce.
It is also a representative of lifestyle-related diseases, and some patients, such as type XNUMX diabetes, who have a long history of illness, undergo treatment that differs from the methods recommended by the Diabetes Society.
In particular, it is not uncommon for elderly people to have established their own lifestyles, and for people with disabilities such as dementia to adversely affect actual treatment.

In many cases, problems cannot be recognized during outpatient interviews, so it is effective to have a diabetes educator respond to hospitalization and highlight various problems.We believe that it is possible to improve the adverse effects of actual treatment and extend healthy life expectancy while respecting the patient's individuality.If registered doctors have doubts about how to handle outpatient care, please refer them to our department.
We would like to improve the quality of our medical care so that patients can live at home again.In addition, we will cooperate with other departments of the same hospital to provide comprehensive medical care.

Endocrine disorders are elusive diseases.Evaluating constancy and feedback is important, but it's not something that can be learned in a short amount of time, and it takes some getting used to.Specialized treatment often requires cooperation with specialized surgery, and it is undeniable that the threshold is high.We would like to increase your trust so that you can consult us on what kind of response is appropriate.

A word to patients

As long as I am healthy, I am satisfied.Not so.But there is no doubt that ill health is unhappiness.Together with a diabetes educator, find out if there is any effort you can make before subjective symptoms appear and before serious illness complicates after symptoms appear.

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