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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Hospital referral

Prohibition of photography and recording in the hospital

In principle, photography and recording are prohibited in our hospital.

At our hospital, in order to protect the personal information and privacy of our patients and staff, photographs and videos (including photography with mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) and recordings within the hospital and on the premises may be taken, except when permitted. are prohibited in principle.In addition, even if you have obtained permission to shoot or record, we will refuse to publish it on the Internet such as SNS without permission.

For medical records (medical records, X-rays, etc.), procedures for medical information disclosure are required.
Please check here.

Information disclosure (guidance on provision of medical information)

When to allow

  • When staff members film and record within the scope of their duties
  • If you have obtained permission to shoot from our hospital or a corporation in advance

Precautions regarding shooting and recording

If unauthorized filming or recording is discovered, we will check the contents of the film and data, and if images or sounds of other patients or staff are included, we will ask them to delete the contents.
Please be aware that if any problem occurs due to the publication of photographed or recorded data on SNS, etc., it is the responsibility of the poster and the photographer, and the hospital and the corporation will not be held responsible.

Inquiries to Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital

*We cannot answer questions about medical treatment.

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Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital is a Japanese medical function evaluation certified hospital.

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