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Medical information

medical policy

Patient rights and responsibilities

Patients have the right to:

  • Equal access to necessary medical care
  • Receive explanations until you fully understand and accept the content of medical care
  • To choose medical content on one's own will
  • Request for viewing and disclosure of medical records, etc., as necessary
  • To receive an explanation of the medical expenses to be paid
  • Request a second opinion
  • Personal information such as your own medical treatment should be protected
  • To receive an explanation until you are satisfied with the details of the treatment you are undergoing research.

Patients have the following responsibilities:

  • To provide information such as the course of illness and past treatment history in order to receive the best and appropriate medical care
  • Working together with medical professionals to treat illnesses
  • To ensure a smooth medical service system, observe the rules and manners of hospitals and social life.
  • To bear the necessary medical expenses for examinations and treatments

Informed Consent Policy

At our hospital, each patient is respected as a person, and we would like to strive to achieve the following goals so that patients can receive treatment with peace of mind in a relationship of trust with hospital staff.

  1. Regardless of your social status, nationality, race, religion, age, gender, or the nature of your illness, you can receive the treatment you need.
    Anyone can receive medical care equally regardless of their personal background or the nature of their illness.However, if our hospital does not have the necessary department for treatment or if there are no beds available, we will refer you to another hospital.In addition, when the acute phase treatment is completed, we will make arrangements such as discharge or transfer after consultation.
  2. You will receive an explanation of the content of medical care, its risks, and the effects of treatment in words you can understand, and you will be able to select and receive appropriate treatment with full consent and consent.
    You can receive explanations in easy-to-understand language from your doctor.Once you are satisfied, we will ask for your consent for future treatment.Even refusal of recommended treatment does not prejudice future treatment.You can also change your consent later.
    In the case of unconscious children or children, we may explain the procedure to a family member or representative and obtain the necessary consent.
    Please be aware that when performing emergency measures for the purpose of saving lives, it may not always be possible to provide a sufficient explanation due to reasons such as being unable to contact the family.
  3. You can indicate your preferences regarding the type of treatment you are currently receiving.
    Please let us know if you have any requests regarding the treatment, treatments, examinations, nursing care, meals, etc. that you are currently receiving.We will do our best to meet your wishes within the limits of the hospital.Also, if you wish to move to another medical institution for treatment or wish to consult with another doctor about treatment methods, etc., please let us know.We will provide you with the necessary information (test results, copies of X-rays, etc.) about the appropriate treatment for you.
  4. Your medical personal information is protected.
    It is a natural duty of all medical professionals not to disclose anything medically known about you.Therefore, please be assured that your personal information will not be leaked.
  5. You can request access (disclosure) of medical records, etc. in order to understand your illness and treatment methods.
    At our hospital, we strive to disclose medical records, etc. (medical records, various test records, etc.) based on the "Guidelines for the provision of medical information" established by the Japan Medical Association.Disclosure of medical records, etc. is done so that the attending physician can fully explain the disease and treatment methods to the patient, gain the patient's trust, and work together to overcome the disease.Regarding the disclosure of medical records, etc."Information on provision of medical information"Please take a look.
  6. When recommending a treatment that is still under research to you, the recommended treatment will only be carried out if you have received a sufficient explanation in advance of the details of the treatment and how it differs from conventional treatments, and you have consented to it. You can receive it.
    If your doctor suggests an investigational treatment that has not yet been fully proven to be effective, you should ask yourself how the new method is currently better than the old method, and what you think about it. It is necessary to receive a sufficient explanation about whether there is a problem, and consent and consent to the treatment method.If you prefer conventional treatment, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about it.
  7. You can receive an explanation of the details of the medical expenses you will pay.You can also get information about public assistance for medical expenses.
    Details of medical expenses can be explained at the reception counter of the Medical Affairs Division on the 1st floor.For help with medical expenses, a medical social worker will guide you, so please ask a staff member nearby.
  8. You can express your opinion about the services we provide.
    If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact the nearest staff member.In addition, you can submit your opinion as a patient's voice, so please put it in the submission box installed on each floor.Please do not hesitate to send us your opinions, as we will use them as valuable information for the management of our hospital in the future.

Information disclosure(Guidance on provision of medical information)

Regarding the provision of medical information, the purpose of the Japan Medical Association is for the attending physician to fully explain the disease and treatment methods to the patient, build a better relationship of trust with the patient, and work together to overcome the disease. "Guidelines for the provision of medical information (2nd edition: enforced on January 15, 1)" was enacted.

Based on these guidelines, our hospital formulates disclosure guidelines for medical records, etc., and discloses medical records, etc. (medical records, various test records, etc.).

1.Medical records, etc. to be disclosed

  1. (1) Medical records that have exceeded the retention period of 10 years (according to corporate regulations) may be subject to destruction and may not be disclosed. Please contact the department in charge regarding the storage status of medical records.
  2. (2) Medical information (including images) related to test requests from other hospitals (shared use of medical equipment, etc.) is handled by the requester, so even information stored at our hospital may not be subject to disclosure. In that case, please contact the medical institution that is the administrator directly.

2.Persons subject to disclosure requests

  1. (1) In principle, the patient himself/herself must apply (sign the application form). In addition, if the patient has passed away, only the legal heir or equivalent person can apply.
  2. (2) If you are a minor or if it is difficult to apply in person due to circumstances, please contact the relevant department.

3.How to apply

  1. (1) The person requesting disclosure must apply using the "Application Form for Disclosure of Medical Records, etc." (prescribed by our hospital), so please contact the department in charge to request the application form. When you contact us, we will also explain the required supporting documents such as identity verification documents.
  2. (2)Due to administrative procedures within the hospital, copying work, etc., it may take approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the time the application is received until it is disclosed.
  3. (3) The person in charge will contact you when the issuance is ready.
  4. (4) Fees must be paid at the time of issuance.

4.When it is determined not to disclose the information

Pursuant to the "Guidelines for the Provision of Medical Information (established by the Japan Medical Association)," medical records, etc. will not be disclosed in the following cases.

  1. (1) When the provision of targeted medical information or disclosure of medical records, etc. may harm the interests of a third party.
    ・When there is a high possibility that family members, medical professionals, and other third parties will be targeted by the patient as a result of providing medical information to the person requesting disclosure.
  2. (2) When providing medical information or disclosing medical records, etc. may significantly harm the patient's physical and mental condition.
    ・If the patient has a malignant tumor, mental illness, genetic disease, etc., and even if sufficient explanation of the symptoms and treatment details is given, it is thought that it may have a psychological impact on the patient and adversely affect the effectiveness of the treatment.
  3. (3) In addition to (1) and (2) above, when there are reasonable grounds that make it inappropriate to provide medical information or disclose medical records, etc.

5. Price (tax included)

  1. (1)Disclosure fee: 3,300 yen (per application)
  2. (2) Medical record copy 33 yen/1 sheet
  3. (3) Image inspection data (CD/DVD) 1,100 yen/1 piece

For questions regarding the disclosure of medical records, etc., please contact the person in charge below.

Applications and inquiries regarding information disclosure

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Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital External Relations Management Division

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