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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Reservations

Q1Can I reserve a gastrocamera every year?
A1Basically, gastroscopies cannot be booked consecutively, and those who have undergone gastroscopy (paid option) at the time of health checkup including the previous gastroscopy will be booked with barium. (If there is space on the day of your consultation, you may be able to change to a gastroscope. Please check at reception.)
*In 2023 and 2024, we have secured a doctor, so anyone who has a one-day or two-day medical checkup can change to a gastrocamera. However, please note that there is a limited number of participants.
Q2When do you start taking reservations for next year?
A2The reservation schedule will be published on the website, etc. around December.Reservation information will also be distributed on LINE, so please register as a friend.
In addition, there is also a "repeated reservation for the next year" that allows you to make a reservation for the next year's checkup after receiving the checkup.Please use all means.
Q3Can anyone use the application form?
A3If you have had a medical checkup at our health checkup center (repeater), you can use the dedicated application form.If you are a new applicant, please apply by phone.
Q4I received an email saying that my application was received using the application form, but I haven't received a response yet.Do you have a reservation?
A4It takes about 10 days to reply to the reservation completion email, but depending on the number of applications, it may take longer than usual. If you do not hear from us after 2 weeks, please contact us by phone.When contacting us, please tell us that you are in the process of making an appointment for a health checkup and the reception number that is included in the reception completion email.
Q5I applied using the dedicated application form, but I would like to add optional examinations or change the schedule.
A5Please use the “Medical Examination Reservation Details [Change/Cancel] Application Form”.This is a special form that can be used after the reservation date has been confirmed, so please check again if the reservation date has been confirmed.You can also change or cancel your reservation by phone.
Q6What is next year's repeat reservation?
A6Those who have completed the examination for this year can make a reservation for the next year (for one-day checkup and brain checkup courses only).Please apply by using the dedicated application form (for repeaters only) or by telephone.
Q7Regarding repeat appointments for the next fiscal year, it is possible to make reservations in the order in which medical examinations are completed from April.
A7We have a reservation frame for the next year's repeat reservation, so it will not be difficult to make a reservation in the second half of the year.Please rest assured.
Q8What should I do if I have already made a reservation for a one-day checkup (barium) as a repeat reservation for the next year, but I want to change the stomach examination to a gastroscope?
A8After confirming whether you are eligible for the gastroscopy reservation, please apply for the gastroscopy as an optional examination using the application form for medical checkup reservation details [change/cancellation].Reservation slots are limited.Please accept our apologies if we are unable to meet your request.
*In 2023 and 2024, we have secured a doctor, so anyone who has a one-day or two-day medical checkup can change to a gastrocamera.
Q9Is it possible for people who have difficulty speaking in Japanese to receive medical examinations?
A9In order to ensure the safety of examinations for examinees, the Health Examination Center has established the following standards for accepting patients who have difficulty in conducting examinations in Japanese.Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
●Regarding acceptance criteria for those who have difficulty speaking Japanese at our health checkup centerPlease confirm
Q10I would like to have a general health checkup (health checkup to prevent lifestyle-related diseases), breast cancer screening, and cervical cancer screening. How should I apply?
A10Please apply using the general medical examination application form, and check the breast cancer examination and cervical cancer examination in the optional examination questions in the form.If you would like to have a breast cancer screening or cervical cancer screening on a different day than the general medical examination, please apply using the "general medical examination application form" and "ladies' medical examination exclusive form" respectively.
Q11Aren't general medical examinations (health examinations to prevent lifestyle-related diseases) eligible for repeat appointments for the following year?
A11I'm sorry.We are not eligible for repeat reservations for the next year.
Q12Is it possible to request a ladies' floor for general health checkups (medical checkups to prevent lifestyle-related diseases)?
A12I'm sorry.You cannot have a medical examination on the ladies' floor. From April 2022, customers who have undergone a course that does not include a doctor's consultation will have their examinations on the unisex floor, just like customers who undergo specialized checkups and regular health checkups.Thank you for your understanding.
Q13I am a member of the Japan Health Insurance Association, which course will I take?
A13If you are a member of the Japan Health Insurance Association and are 35 years of age or older, you can have a general health checkup (health checkup to prevent lifestyle-related diseases). . ●To all members of the Japan Health Insurance AssociationPlease refer to the.Spouses are not eligible for the subsidy, but they can receive all courses at their own expense.
Q14I'm worried because it's my first time to apply for the application form.Please tell me how to apply.
A14●Information on various application formsPlease confirm.You can also apply by phone from February 2024, 2.
Q15There are various insurers (insurance cards) that employees are enrolled in within the office, but I do not know the symbols and numbers.Can I apply using the application form?
A15In order to understand the subsidy usage status, it is mandatory to enter insurance card information.
Q16Can I specify the date on the general health checkup application form?
A16You can enter up to the XNUMXth desired date.

About consultation

Q1I would like to receive breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings using city subsidies. Is it possible?
A1● Contract list for each municipality in Ibaraki PrefectureAfter confirming this, please bring your breast cancer/cervical cancer screening ticket on the day of your examination.If you cannot submit it at the reception on the day, you will have to pay for the examination.Please note that we cannot accept it even if you bring it at a later date.
Q2Are all the staff on the ladies' floor female?
A2The ladies' floor is an examination floor exclusively for women.As a general rule, female staff are in charge, but there are cases where male technologists are in charge of upper gastrointestinal X-ray (barium) technologists.We also have a male doctor in charge of examinations and interviews.Depending on the course and optional examinations you are undergoing, we may guide you to the unisex floor.Please note.
Q3I am not feeling well due to a cold, etc., can I still receive medical examinations?
A3Some data may be erroneous.There is also a burden on the body, so please see a doctor when you are in good physical condition.We also accept schedule changes.
If you have no choice but to visit a doctor, please wear a mask.Please note that the test may be canceled if an infectious disease (influenza, tuberculosis, or other epidemic disease) is suspected, or at the discretion of the doctor.
● About measures against infectious diseases at our health checkup center
Q4When will I receive the documents related to the examination?
A4We will send you a set of documents about XNUMX weeks before the reservation date.
Q5Can I take medicine on the day of the examination?
A5Follow your doctor's instructions.Detail is●To all patientsPlease refer to the "Guidelines for Medical Examinations" in the .
Q6Is it possible for people who have difficulty speaking in Japanese to receive medical examinations?
A6In order to ensure the safety of examinations for examinees, the Health Examination Center has established the following standards for accepting patients who have difficulty in conducting examinations in Japanese.Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
●Regarding acceptance criteria for those who have difficulty speaking Japanese at our health checkup center
Q7Please tell me about the handling of personal information.
A7Personal information obtained from the medical questionnaires filled out by customers and oral information (interviews, medical examinations, etc.) will be included in the results reports, medical certificates, etc. issued by this medical examination center.In addition, if medical examinations, etc. are carried out outsourced by the business owner or medical insurer, we will notify the results by mailing the result report etc. to each of them according to the contract.
The results of non-statutory items and some optional examinations are listed in the results reports of various checkups, lifestyle-related disease prevention examinations, and other examinations at our health examination center.If an affiliated organization requests the sending of a result report, it will be assumed that the patient's consent has been obtained in advance regarding the purpose and method of handling by the affiliated organization.
Q8Can I bring my children with me?Do you have childcare?
A8We do not have a nursery or waiting area.We are very sorry, but due to the risk of injury from medical equipment, we do not allow children to come to the clinic.
Q9Is it possible to specify a doctor or a technician in charge?
A9We are sorry, but you cannot specify.
Q10 Are there any tests that cannot be taken during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding?
A10〇 During menstruation
If you are menstruating, you cannot take a fecal occult blood test or a cervical cancer screening.A stool sample can be collected from one week before the day of the examination.Submissions at a later date will not be accepted.
〇 During pregnancy
If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, you may undergo X-ray examination (chest X-ray, stomach X-ray, mammography, CT examination), brain dock, gastric endoscopy, and cervical cancer screening. you can't.
〇 When breastfeeding
You cannot have a mammogram if you are breastfeeding.
Q11I have taken a course that does not include an interview. When will I receive the results?
A11For courses that do not include an interview (general health checkup, regular health checkup, women's health checkup, lung cancer checkup, etc.) or for those who canceled the interview on the day, the results will be mailed within about three weeks from the date of the consultation.

About inspection

Q1I have metal in my body, can I have an MRI?
A1You may not be able to receive an MRI examination.● "For those who undergo MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination"Please be sure to read in advance.
Q2What if I can't have an MRI?
A2Because MRI examinations use strong magnetic fields, safety standards have been established.● "For those who undergo MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination"Please be sure to read in advance.
Q3Which is better for breast cancer screening, mammography or ultrasound?
A3The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends women over the age of 40 to have a mammogram once every two years.In addition, our health checkup center recommends annual ultrasound examinations for all patients.It is recommended that mammography and ultrasonography be performed at the same time, especially for those with dense or non-uniform dense breasts.Please consult with the public health nurse about the contents of the breast cancer screening at the interview on the day of the medical examination.
Q4I have never had sexual intercourse, do I still need a cervical cancer screening?
A4Most cervical cancers are due to HPV infection through sexual contact.The examination may cause pain and bleeding, so we do not recommend cervical cancer screening to those who have never had sexual intercourse.
Q5Can I have a cervical cancer screening during my period?
A5In cervical cytology, cells from the cervix at the entrance to the uterus are taken and examined under a microscope for abnormally changed cells.If blood is mixed in the cells, the accuracy of the examination decreases and the reliability of the examination results decreases.Since it is desirable to have the examination in a state without bleeding, in principle, we do not accept examinations during menstruation.
Q6Which is better, an upper gastrointestinal X-ray examination (barium examination) or an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (gastroscopy)?
A6An upper gastrointestinal x-ray is performed by moving the body.Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is recommended for those who have difficulty moving their bodies due to back pain, etc., and for the elderly, as it places a burden on the legs and lower back.If you have any questions, please contact us.
*Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is optional.Advance reservations are required due to limited seating. (Additional charge of 6,600 yen (tax included) will be charged separately.)


Q1Can you handle food allergies?
A1A registered dietitian will check the details, so please let us know at the reception.We will do our best to eliminate the offending food or replace it with other food.
Q2Is Wi-Fi available?
A2Free of charge.Please use it while waiting.
Q3I feel cold inside.Can you help me?
A3We diligently adjust the temperature setting in the hall to provide a comfortable environment for medical examinations, but since everyone's sensible temperature is different, blankets and ponchos are also available.Please use freely.
Q4Too much time left to see a doctor.Can you do it faster?
A4Regarding the doctor's interview, in order to further improve the accuracy of the test results, we will explain the results of the medical examination on the day after double-checking the diagnosis such as the chest and stomach X-rays, in addition to the analysis of the blood test.Therefore, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to see a doctor.Thank you for your understanding.
Q5After the examination, can I go out while waiting for the interview?
A5You can go out.After the examination, we will inform you about the approximate time for the interview, so please return to the Health Checkup Center 5 to 10 minutes before.Parking tickets can be processed free of charge up to 2 times.
Q6What are the payment methods?
A6We accept cash payment or credit card payment.
We accept the following credit cards. (Only cards with a signature on the back and in the name of the customer can be used. In addition, only lump-sum payment for the following month is available.)

  • jcb
  • amex
  • visa
  • saison card
  • uc
  • master
  • dc
  • ufj
  • unique
  • muffin
  • aeon
  • omc
  • rakuten card
  • jacks

Electronic money such as paypay is not supported.

Q7I want you to write a medical certificate, what should I do?
A7Depending on the contents of the medical certificate, it may not be issued at our health checkup center.Please contact us by phone in advance.You can apply at a later date if it is within XNUMX months of your consultation.

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