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Lung cancer screening

Low-dose CT scans the entire lung in a short period of time with minimal radiation exposure.Together with the sputum test, it detects early lung cancers of 1 cm or less and other lung lesions that are difficult to detect with chest X-rays alone.

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Implementation date Tuesdays
Implementation time Scheduled to end around 8:00-9:30
Lung cancer screening

*If you have had a checkup at our health checkup center within the last three months, you can omit the chest X-ray.・・・3 yen (tax included)

* Side-scrolling is possible

Inspection item Inspection contents
X-ray inspection Chest multi-slice CT examination
Chest X-ray examination (direct imaging) 1 direction
Pathological examination Sputum cytology (3-day method)

*Prices, course names, and items vary depending on the affiliated organization.

*Please note that the listed contents and prices are subject to change or termination without notice.

*Multi-slice CT
Multislice CT scans the entire lung in a spiral pattern.
It is now possible to detect early-stage lung cancer smaller than 1 cm, which is difficult to detect with chest X-rays, and lung cancer hidden behind the heart, blood vessels, and diaphragm.In addition, our facility uses low-dose CT with less radiation exposure.

* Lung cancer screening is a course fee.
There is no change in the price even if there is an examination that is not performed due to the convenience of the person or the judgment of the doctor.
In addition, please understand that it is not possible to receive only the examinations that are not conducted at a later date.

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