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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

Efforts of this facility

Efforts of this facility

At our facility, we are making various efforts to improve patient services.

Quality control survey results of the Japanese Society for General Medical Examination

Our health checkup center, which is an excellent facility certified by the Japan Society of General Health Checkup Medicine, has undergone a quality control survey.

We got the highest score in the first quality control survey in 2023. (1 facilities/6 facilities)
〇 Chest X-ray: 100points/100 points (average 89.1 points)
〇 Electrocardiogram: 100 points/100 points (average 82.5 points)
〇 Score ratio: 100.0% (average 85.8%)  
Comprehensive evaluation: Good

We will continue to maintain the accuracy of health checkups in order to deliver accurate health checkup data to our customers.

January 2023

National Federation of Occupational Health Organizations Quality Control Survey Results [Abdominal Ultrasound Field]

In the FY5 Abdominal Ultrasound Examination Quality Control Survey [Abdominal Ultrasound Examination Field],[Rating A]We have obtained.

January 2024


Received the "Excellence Award for Comprehensive Medical Examination Facility Functional Evaluation Ver4.0"

July 2019, 7 Received the "Excellence Award for Comprehensive Medical Checkup Facility Functional Evaluation Ver26"

Award items

  • We are continuing to consider ways to balance test accuracy, explanation of results, health guidance, and services in order to improve medical checkups.
  • It is constantly being reviewed according to the latest situation, and this policy has permeated and been embodied in the staff.
  • A mechanism has been established to link functional evaluations to improvements.

Hospitality grand prize

Received the 2016nd Japan Research Institute Hospitality Award in 2

Awards reason

All departments are filled with the desire and action to keep making progress every day.

Received the “Comprehensive Health Checkup Facility Functional Evaluation Award”

September 2014, 9 Received the "Excellence Award for Comprehensive Medical Examination Facility Function Evaluation"

Award items

  • The results of the medical checkup are explained on the day of the medical checkup.
  • Health guidance is provided based on the results of health checkups.
  • Nutrition guidance is provided as needed.
  • Exercise guidance is provided as needed.

Medical examination facility functional evaluation certificate

Certification: “Medical Examination Facility Functional Evaluation” Japanese Hospital Association, Japanese Society for Medical Checkups and Preventive Medicine

We received the 2004th certification in the nation through the functional evaluation of health checkup facilities that began in 10.


Acquisition of service care attendant certification

Public Management Guidance Association

In all aspects of providing services, we focus on providing services to all people in need, not just the elderly and the physically challenged (from the official website).
I learned about universal service and use it in my daily guidance for patients.

Click here for the official website外部 リンク

Holding study sessions within the health checkup center

An example of events held in 2023

Conducting disaster response training

Disaster countermeasure training in 2023
(Conducted twice a year in September and March)
Conducted facility-wide drills on disaster response, confirmation of evacuation routes, and guidance.

Specific Health Checkup/Specific Health Guidance Organization Database

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