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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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FAX. 029-858-2773(representative)

Health checkup center overview

Health checkup center overview

Greetings from the health checkup director

Koichi Masuzawa Director, Tsukuba General Health Checkup Center

I think that the Tsukuba General Health Checkup Center is one of the relatively orthodox health checkup facilities, but there are three features that I would like to recommend to people who are undergoing examinations.

Please refer to this website for specific details, but the first thing worth mentioning is the explanation of the results on the day.On the day of the checkup, the doctor will explain the results and hand over the result report.

The second is "fine support after consultation".I believe that being able to receive an explanation directly from a doctor about the results of a health checkup and to be able to consult with a public health nurse or registered dietitian about the future is the most important thing when thinking about the significance of a health checkup.

Thirdly, for those who need proper exercise habits after the checkup, including metabolic syndrome, we can provide specialized support at the Health Promotion Center (ACT).

In addition to the above, there are many other reasons why we would like to recommend this center to help you maintain and improve your health.Thank you very much.

Photo of Koichi Masuzawa, Director of Tsukuba General Health Checkup Center

Philosophy/Activity Policy/Rights of Patients/Personal Information Protection and Use

Health is a great wealth that anyone can build with a small effort.


  1. Aiming for comprehensive health management
  2. provide quality health care
  3. Contributing to the spread and development of preventive medicine

Activity policy

  1. We help reduce the risk of developing the three major lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke.
  2. The staff strives for self-improvement and provides high-quality medical examinations.
  3. Doctors, public health nurses, registered dietitians, health exercise instructors, etc. work together to help extend healthy life expectancy.
  4. Aiming for healthy longevity, we promote preventive medicine educational activities.

Rights of Patients

  1. Equal access to health care
  2. You can know the contents of the medical examination
    ・You can receive explanations in easy-to-understand words
  3. After receiving an explanation about the test, you can make your request.
    ・If necessary, you can request to view (disclose) inspection explanation records, etc.
  4. Personal information such as test results is protected
    ・We will guide you by name, but you can also guide by number
  5. You can receive an explanation about the details of medical examination costs
  6. You can offer your opinion on the services provided by our health checkup center.

Personal information protection and its use

  1. Personal information such as medical checkup results, photographic images, detailed examinations, etc. may be provided to external doctors and medical institutions so that they can be used for health management of all patients.
  2. Health checkup results may be provided to the health insurance association or business office for purposes such as health management and billing for medical checkup expenses (*).
    *Varies by health insurance association and office
  3. In order to improve the quality of medical examinations, the results of medical examinations are anonymized and used at academic conferences, research groups, etc. based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Ethical Guidelines for Life Science and Medical Research Involving Human Subjects". I may ask

If you have any problems with the above, or if you have any opinions regarding the protection of personal information, please let the staff know.

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