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Early detection of breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. is possible. Breast cancer screening includes mammography and breast ultrasound. Cervical cancer screening involves not only general cell testing but also testing for the causative virus (human papillomavirus) as an option.

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Inspection date and time

Breast cancer screening alone

Implementation day
Monday to Friday

Cervical cancer screening alone or both breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening

Implementation day
Monday to Friday

Inspection items and fees

* Side-scrolling is possible

Inspection item Price (tax included)
Breast cancer screening Guidance on breast cancer self-examination
Optional except for self-examination Mammography 1 directions 3,300 Yen
2 directions 6,600 Yen
Breast ultrasonography 4,400 Yen
Cervical cancer screening Cervical cytology/inspection 4,400 Yen
HPV (human papillomavirus)-DNA test 4,950 Yen
Transvaginal ultrasound examination 3,520 Yen

Click here for a list of contracts for each municipality in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Contract list for each municipality in Ibaraki Prefecture

*Prices, course names, and items vary depending on the affiliated organization.

*Please note that the listed contents and prices are subject to change or termination without notice.

About breast configuration

"Breast composition" will be listed in the results of those who have undergone mammography for breast cancer screening.
Breast composition is divided into XNUMX categories according to the ratio of fat and mammary glands in the breast in mammography, and indicates the degree of risk of lesions being hidden by normal mammary glands.
Breasts with a lot of mammary glands (high density) change with age to breasts with a lot of fat.
Breast composition serves as a guideline for examination selection for breast cancer screening.

Here are mammography images for each breast configuration.

On a mammogram, the mammary glands appear white and fat appears black.Lumps also appear white, so it is difficult to see lumps in highly dense or non-uniformly dense breasts.Therefore, it may be easier to find a lump in the mammary gland by undergoing an ultrasound examination at the same time as a mammogram.
Calcification, which is an early symptom of breast cancer, can be seen in any breast, so mammography is important even in breasts with many glands.

Test selection recommended by our health checkup center

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends people over the age of 40 to have a mammogram once every two years.
In addition, we recommend annual ultrasound examinations for all patients.It is recommended to have mammography and ultrasound at the same time, especially for those with dense or non-uniform dense breasts.

To all patients

Guidance of examination

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