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About introducing portable echo

Aiming for appropriate physical assessment to lead to high quality care

In our home care business, we have introduced a portable echo to visualize assessments.
Physical assessment through interviewing, visual examination, auscultation, and palpation is an important skill for the role of a nurse, requires a high level of observational ability, and is essential for performing duties.Since we mainly accept patients who are highly dependent on medical care, home-visit nurses are required to make quick decisions while conducting assessments alone on-site.
The newly introduced portable echo is excellent at evaluating the amount of urine in the bladder and residual urine over time, and its AI assist function allows the user to automatically calculate the amount of urine in the bladder just by taking cross-sectional and longitudinal images of the bladder. It's done instantly.By using it to assess fecal retention in the rectum and residual urine in the bladder during a visit, it has the advantage of allowing optimal care to be selected without the need for rectal examination or urinary catheterization, including how to apply the probe. You can easily operate it by following the instructions on the smartphone app.

We believe that the portable echo is an indispensable tool for the assessment of excretion, which is performed by all nurses, and we would like to use it in a variety of tasks for nurses and rehabilitation staff in the future.

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