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A "study session on pediatric type XNUMX diabetes" was held at a kindergarten in Tsukuba City!

On June 6th, a "study session on pediatric type 14 diabetes" was held at a kindergarten in Tsukuba City by a visiting nurse and two certified diabetes nurses.This study session was designed for kindergarten teachers who accept children with type 2 diabetes to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the disease.
First, we will provide a detailed explanation of the characteristics of childhood type 1 diabetes, how to regulate blood sugar, and ideas for complementary feeding.He talked about his experience at a ``pediatric diabetes summer camp'' he attended, and explained that people with type XNUMX diabetes can lead a normal life if they manage their blood sugar properly.
Next, we will introduce the reporting method (SBAR) used in medical settings, as well as the team structure of visiting nursing contact and information sharing methods among nurses, and will teach you how to report situations in an appropriate and easy-to-understand manner even in an emergency. I taught you techniques that you can use right away.
Kindergarten teachers had asked us a number of questions in advance, and by answering those questions, it was a meaningful study session in which we resolved each participant's concerns one by one.

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