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Public interest incorporated foundation
Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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Create an environment to welcome visitors

We are working to improve the environment for welcoming patients, centering on the promenade in front of the hospital and Medical Street on the first floor.Gardens and plants have been set up, and easy-to-understand guidance signs have been improved.

Entrance renovation photo

◇Entrance renovation (2016-2018)

The entrance has been set up as the “face of the hospital” to welcome visitors.After repeated investigations and verifications using full-scale models, we designed an integrated wooden waiting room furniture and medical questionnaire entry table that are both functionally and aesthetically friendly to people.In addition, we aimed for continuity with the Spinning Garden by using a lattice design.The production is handled by “Kusakari Woodworking”, a woodworking shop in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the material uses cypress wood from Ibaraki Prefecture.
Location: 1st floor entrance
Creator: adp team Paprika

Photo of improved guidance system and signage plan

◇Improvement of guidance system and signage plan (2011-2016)

As the number of extensions increased, the design of the signs became disjointed, and many people were at a loss when it came to guiding signs for Medical Street.
With the construction of Building No. 3 as an opportunity, we reviewed the guidance system and signage plan.We decided on a theme color for each building and modified the colors of the guidance signs and elevators.
Location: 1F Medical Street, Building No. 3
Creator: Hiroshi Kimura Laboratory (Information Design)

Beginning Garden Pictures

◇The Garden of Beginnings (2012)

A courtyard where the curtains could not be opened even though there were windows due to exhaust vents.A cedar container garden was placed to create a bright corridor.
Location: 1st floor Medical Street
Creator: Masakazu Suzuki Laboratory (environmental design)

Spinning Garden Pictures

◇ Spinning Garden (2008)

Renovation of the flower bed on the promenade in front of the hospital, which was drab.We realized an approach to the hospital surrounded by flowers and a place of relaxation for patients and local people. "Tsumugi no Niwa" was constructed with the additional prize of winning the "Green Design Award: Greening Grand Prize".
Currently, planting is done by staff and local volunteers, but more than 150 yen is required annually to purchase more than XNUMX flower seedlings and maintain the flower beds.We are recruiting the "Tsumunogi no Niwa Fund" as a corporation for the purpose of managing and maintaining the Tsunami Garden.
Location: Promenade in front of the hospital (city road)
Creator: Watari Kazuyoshi Laboratory (environmental design)

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