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Tsukuba Medical Center

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Medical information

Travel/pre-work vaccinations and antibody tests

Travel/pre-work vaccinations and antibody tests

Our hospital conducts vaccinations and antibody tests for the following people.

  • Those who go abroad for business trips, overseas assignments, study abroad, travel, etc.
    *Reservations cannot be made for children under junior high school age. Reservations are only accepted if you apply together with another family member (parents, etc.)
    *Regular health checkups at the Tsukuba General Health Checkup Center are also available for those who wish to receive pre-travel vaccinations. (This will be held on a different schedule than vaccinations, sonote that. )
  • Those who enter, practice, or find employment at a medical-related institution
  • Those with a weakened immune system (after splenectomy)
  • Those who wish to receive cervical cancer vaccination
  • Those who wish to receive other vaccinations or antibody tests

About adult vaccinations

Immunization price list

inspection price

  • Vaccination/antibody titer certificate (form of our hospital/official seal/signed): 3,300 yen (tax included)
  • Vaccination/antibody titer certificate (form of our hospital/no official seal/signature)…Free (posted at a later date)
    *For the above, overseas travelers will be issued in Japanese and English as a set.
  • Certificate related to studying abroad / English / per copy: 7,700 yen (tax included)
    (Example: English transcription of vaccination records such as maternal and child health handbook, future vaccination schedule, tuberculosis test certificate, etc.)

*Please inquire about fees for other documents at the time of application.

2023.6.22 Revised

Vaccination/antibody test reservation slot

* Side-scrolling is possible

a.m. afternoon
Monday through 9am to 00pm 14am to 00pm
Tue. Closed Closed
Wednesday 9am to 00pm Closed
Thursday Closed Closed
Friday, except public holidays, XNUMX:XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX 9am to 00pm Closed

Reservation method

  1. ① Apply from the registration form

    Click to make a reservationClick here (Registration Form)

    * You cannot apply at the hospital counter.

    ② Receive "reservation details confirmation automatic email"

    * Reservation is not confirmed at this point

  2. ③We will contact you by phone.

    For setting appointment date and pre-inquiry

  3. ④ Receipt of "reservation completion email" and confirmation of reservation

    If you are to be vaccinated, please check the information from the attached link by the reservation date.

  4. ⑤ You will receive a "reservation slip", "consultation ticket", and "pre-examination slip (only for those who are vaccinated)" at your home.

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