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Tsukuba Medical Center

305-8558-1 Amakubo, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 3-1

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Functions and initiatives

Ibaraki Regional Cancer Center/Regional Cancer Treatment Collaborative Hospital

About Ibaraki Regional Cancer Center

Based on the "Ibaraki Prefecture Comprehensive Cancer Control Promotion Plan 1st Plan" (2-14), Ibaraki Prefecture has established a unique " We have adopted the “Regional Decentralization Method” and have established cancer wards with a total of 4 beds at four hospitals in the prefecture.In May 450, our hospital opened the third Ibaraki Regional Cancer Center (100 beds), following Ibaraki Prefectural Central Hospital (100 beds) and Tsuchiura Kyodo Hospital (11 beds).In 5, a 3-bed regional cancer center was established at Hitachi General Hospital.As a cancer control project in Ibaraki Prefecture, our hospital receives a cancer center management subsidy from the prefecture.

About regional cancer treatment cooperation base hospital

In 2004, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology established the "Third 3-Year Comprehensive Strategy against Cancer" as a national cancer countermeasure. There is a goal to say, and the maintenance of cancer treatment base hospitals has progressed across the country.As a regional cancer center in Ibaraki Prefecture, our hospital was designated as a "Regional Cancer Treatment Center Hospital" by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in 10 on the recommendation of the Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture.In February 15, the name was changed to the "regional cancer treatment cooperation base hospital" after a review was made to strengthen the function of the base hospital and secure a medical cooperation system.

In April 19, the "Cancer Control Law" was enacted, and in June of the same year, the "Basic Plan for the Promotion of Cancer Control" was approved by the Cabinet, reinforcing efforts to make cancer centers hospitals.In April 4, Ibaraki Prefecture formulated the "Ibaraki Prefecture Comprehensive Cancer Control Promotion Plan (Second Late Plan)" based on this, and has been implementing cancer control measures in the prefecture. In addition to four Ibaraki Regional Cancer Centers, three hospitals (Ibaraki Seinan Medical Center Hospital) are being established in Ibaraki Prefecture in January 6. , Tokyo Medical University Ibaraki Medical Center, Yuai Memorial Hospital) has been designated as a regional cancer treatment cooperation base hospital.After that, in January 20, Ibaraki Prefectural Central Hospital was upgraded to a cancer treatment base hospital in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the University of Tsukuba Hospital was newly designated as a regional cancer treatment collaboration hospital.In April 4, 2 additional hospitals (Red Cross Mito Hospital, Mito Medical Center, Nissei Mito General Hospital, Ibaraki Higashi Hospital, Oyama Memorial Hospital, Kasumigaura Medical Center, Toride Kyodo Hospital) were established as hospitals equivalent to regional cancer treatment cooperation hospitals. Hospital) has received designation from the prefecture as an “Ibaraki Prefecture Designated Cancer Treatment Hospital”.

Mission of Cancer Center

As the "Ibaraki Regional Cancer Center" and the "regional cancer treatment cooperation base hospital", our hospital serves as a base hospital for cancer treatment in the region, treating lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer, which are common in Japan. In addition to other gastrointestinal cancers, urological cancers, gynecological cancers, brain neuromas, etc., we comprehensively provide early diagnosis, multidisciplinary treatment (combination of surgery, cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.), and palliative care. We provide cancer care.In cancer treatment, as a regional medical support hospital, we aim to enhance medical cooperation with local clinics and other medical institutions such as the University of Tsukuba.

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